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Fresno/Clovis Area

Fresno/Clovis Area

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EzPak Bins of Central San Joaquin Valley

Rent EZ to Pack & Move Plastic Bins

We take the pain out of packing!  We deliver reusable, sturdy moving bins to your door.  You pack and move.  We pick up the empty bins at your new location.  It’s that EZ!

Eco-Friendly Move

Bye-Bye Boxes, Hello Bins!

No one likes to be wasteful.  Ezpak uses reusable bins instead of disposable cardboard.  This creates less waste making EzPak Bins the smart and eco-friendly choice! 

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Rental Products

Explore EzPak Bin Bundles

No added stress. We ensure you get the right amount of bins, everytime!

EzPak Bins offers a variety of bin bundles to meet the needs of any move, big or small. Each package includes our eco-friendly bins, designed to protect your belongings and streamline the packing process. Don’t stress over picking the right bin package, our friendly staff at EzPak will assist you after you book.  If you decide you need more bins (or less!) you can edit your package when they reach out to schedule delivery.  It’s that EZ!! 


EzPak Moving Supplies

We deliver packing essentials, too!

In addition to our bin bundles, we offer delivery of moving supplies.  We have everything from durable dollies created specifically to move a stack of 4 EzPak Bins, to eco-friendly packing materials to protect your belongings. These additional supplies can be added onto our bin bundles so that they can be delivered to your door with the bins!  What is Ezier that that?

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Serving Fresno/Clovis and surrounding Areas

Our FREE delivery for the Fresno/Clovis area includes a 30 mile radius of our Fresno Headquarters.  Contact us if your location is outside our FREE delivery zone to make special arrangements.

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Our FREE delivery for the Fresno/Clovis area includes a 25 miles radius of our Fresno headquarters. Contact us if your location is outside our FREE delivery zone to make special arrangements.