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EzPak Bins of Central San Joaquin Valley

Rent EZ to Pack & Move Plastic Bins

We take the pain out of packing!  We deliver reusable, sturdy moving bins to your door.  You pack and move.  We pick up the empty bins at your new location.  It’s that EZ!

Eco-Friendly Move

Bye-Bye Boxes, Hello Bins!

No one likes to be wasteful.  Ezpak uses reusable bins instead of disposable cardboard.  This creates less waste making EzPak Bins the smart and eco-friendly choice! 

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Rental Products

Explore EzPak Bin Bundles

No added stress. We ensure you get the right amount of bins, everytime!

EzPak Bins offers a variety of bin bundles to meet the needs of any move, big or small. Each package includes our eco-friendly bins, designed to protect your belongings and streamline the packing process. Don’t stress over picking the right bin package, our friendly staff at EzPak will assist you after you book.  If you decide you need more bins (or less!) you can edit your package when they reach out to schedule delivery.  It’s that EZ!! 


EzPak Moving Supplies

We deliver packing essentials, too!

In addition to our bin bundles, we offer delivery of moving supplies.  We have everything from durable dollies created specifically to move a stack of 4 EzPak Bins, to eco-friendly packing materials to protect your belongings. These additional supplies can be added onto our bin bundles so that they can be delivered to your door with the bins!  What is Ezier that that?

Read What “EzPak Believers” Say About Us!

Lori Branco
Lori Branco
We had our complete home floor replacement and had to pack up the house as if we were moving! A friend recommended EzPak bins. I called and found them to be compatible to purchasing moving boxes. A quick inquiry and they were being delivered to me. The boxes are easy to handle, they deliver with a dolly for your use and included packing materials as well. He was friendly helpful and accommodating. The whole concept is earth friendly too, keep the paper boxes out of the landfill! Highly recommend Matt and his business EzPak Bins.
Caitlyn Peck
Caitlyn Peck
I recently used EZPak Bins for my move in Fresno, California, and I couldn't be happier with their service. From start to finish, everything was smooth and hassle-free. The convenience of having plastic moving bins delivered directly to my doorstep was a game-changer. Not only did it save me time and effort, but it also saved the environment by reducing cardboard waste. The bins were sturdy and spacious, perfect for packing up all of my belongings securely. What truly stood out to me was the exceptional customer service provided by Matt, the owner. He was incredibly reliable and accommodating, ensuring that everything was delivered and picked up on time. His professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction are commendable. Using EZPak Bins made my move so much easier and less stressful. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Fresno and Clovis area who is planning a move. Trust me, it will be the best decision you make for your move! Five stars all the way. User friendly ChatGPT Certainly! If you're asking for the review to be rewritten in a more friendly and casual tone, here you go: Absolutely Loved EZPak Bins for My Move! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Hey there! Just had to drop in and share my amazing experience with EZPak Bins while moving around Fresno. If you're in the Fresno or Clovis area and gearing up for a move, you've gotta check them out! First off, these bins are a lifesaver. They get delivered straight to your door, and they're these super sturdy, eco-friendly plastic bins that you can pack all your stuff into. I was doing a bit of a buy and sell thing and moving at the same time (talk about multitasking, right?), and these bins were perfect for keeping everything organized and safe. But here's the real kicker - Matt, the guy who runs EZPak Bins, is just the coolest. Super reliable, always on time, and genuinely cares about making your move as smooth as possible. It's like having a friend help you out, except this friend brings all the moving supplies. Honestly, choosing EZPak Bins was hands-down the best decision I made during my entire moving process. Made everything so much simpler and less stressful. So, if you're looking to move and want to keep your sanity intact, give them a shout. Five stars all the way – highly recommended!
Gwen Fairhead
Gwen Fairhead
As a single woman over 60, I thought this would be much easier than buying a bunch of boxes and taping them and writing on each box the contents. Then trying to lift and manipulate into a pile on the wall for the movers. It turns out, I was right! It was almost fun packing!! It was relatively fast and where I thought it would take me a month I was all set for the move in half the time. Thanks to these handy containers I really didn’t have to wrap and stuff the boxes full of padding. There was nothing broken in the move. Thank you EZPak Bins. Life was a little bit easier.
Teddy Clegg
Teddy Clegg
We used EZ Pak buns for moving our house and it was the best experience ever! No more trying to figure out how many cardboard boxes you need, or worrying about boxes collapsing when they're full. This service is the best and I will never go back to cardboard moving boxes again!
Noriko Simpson
Noriko Simpson
We used EZPak Bins for moving my commercial office. These boxes made my move so easy and quick. The dolly on the bottom of the boxes are amazing to easily move 4 boxes at one time. I have recommended EZPak Bins to everyone because it truly was a game changer!
Beverley Rogers
Beverley Rogers
This was an amazing experience with EZPak Bins. No boxes to buy, and boxes to tear down. The owner is very delightful and very accommodating. I definitely use this service again.
Audra Williams
Audra Williams
EZpak bins were an absolute game-changer during my recent move! Sturdy, spacious, and incredibly convenient to use. They made packing and moving a breeze with their durable build and easy stackability. Not having to deal with cardboard boxes saved time and stress. Highly recommend these bins for a smooth and efficient moving experience!
Tash Mendoza
Tash Mendoza
Loved using EZPak Bins! Made our packing much easier, and forced us to unpack in a reasonable amount of time haha! Very sturdy, comes with labels too! Matt was super nice, and even when our kiddos got sick, we were easily able to extend the pick up dates as needed! Highly recommend for moving, or even a few weeks of packing up for renovations etc for easy storage!
Jennifer Kuan
Jennifer Kuan
Matt was just amazing to work with! He was so prompt from our initial request from his website. The website is so easy to use and user friendly! I was so glad to see that a roller and a dolly could also be rented. Matt texted/called me to confirm the drop off date and time. He was friendly and easy to communicate with. He dropped off all the materials (60 bins, roller, and dolly) prompt and even worked with my schedule throughout the day if needed. All materials were clean and in wonderful condition. All the bins were of very high quality! He was personable with my husband and they had a great conversation together. We rented for 2 weeks but unfortunately our close date of our new home was extended. I reached out to Matt to see if there was a way if we could extend our rental for an additional two weeks and he was able to accommodate us. Matt also checked in on our pick up date to confirm and pick up. We ensured that all bins were empty and cleaned. He was generous to also provide us a discount and thanked my husband for his service as a veteran and current police officer. I will continue to refer him to all family/friends in the area!
Marissa Christensen DeBorde
Marissa Christensen DeBorde
If you are moving, there is no better method than to use EZPak Bins. Not only is it a cost effective approach, it is SO MUCH more efficient than the traditional cardboard boxes. The team is also incredibly professional and accommodating to work with. Highly recommend!

Serving Fresno/Clovis and surrounding Areas

Our FREE delivery for the Fresno/Clovis area includes a 30 mile radius of our Fresno Headquarters.  Contact us if your location is outside our FREE delivery zone to make special arrangements.

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Our FREE delivery for the Fresno/Clovis area includes a 25 miles radius of our Fresno headquarters. Contact us if your location is outside our FREE delivery zone to make special arrangements.