Serving California’s San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast
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We are a moving bin rental service in California’s San Joaquin Valley and California’s Central Coast. We are confident that once you use EzPak Bins for a move, you’ll never go back to cardboard boxes again!

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Here's how it works

  • Choose your delivery and pick up dates
  • Select the bin package you would like
  • Add any additional moving items
  • Review & submit your order

Serving California’s Fresno/Clovis Area

Our FREE delivery for the Fresno/Clovis area includes a 30 miles radius of our Fresno headquarters. Contact us if your location is outside our FREE delivery zone to make special arrangements.

Serving California’s Central Coast

Our FREE delivery for the Central Coast includes a 30 mile radius of our San Luis Obispo headquarters. Contact us if your location is outside our FREE delivery zone to make special arrangements.

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Here are our top reasons to say “Bye, Bye” to cardboard boxes!
  • Cardboard is expensive An average family can spend up to $400 on boxes, tape, packing material when moving. Don’t forget the gas it takes to gather all of the supplies!
  • Cardboard boxes are time consuming to assemble We KNOW you can pack an EzPak Bin in less than half the time it takes to unfold, assemble, pack and seal a cardboard box.
  • Cardboard boxes are weak EzPak Bins are made with heavy duty plastic that can handle the weight of virtually anything you pack. Cardboard can’t handle the weight like EzPak Bins can!!
  • Cardboard boxes slide around during transport EzPak Bins are uniform is size and lock together when stacked which prevents them from sliding during transport.
  • Cardboard has to be broken down and disposed of With EzPak Bins, you let us know when you are done unpacking and we pick them up!


Our standard delivery of bins and supplies is to the ground floor or places that have elevator access. Any delivery or pickup that involves climbing stairs would be an additional $40 fee.

All bins and supplies are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Yes. Pickup dates can be changed. Please contact our office to make arrangements. Additional fees may be applied depending on the availability of our products.

Bundle pricing includes 1 free delivery and pick up. Additional fee will be charged for additional trips, missed scheduled pickup or drop off times