Take the hassle out of moving.

Rent EZ-to-use plastic bins instead of clunky cardboard boxes for your next move.

For people in Fresno and the surrounding area who are moving, we are a moving box rental service that provides customers with an easy, sustainable packing solution. With just a few clicks, use our simple checkout process to choose what you need to pack your home or office.

Here's how it works.

1. Choose your delivery and pick up dates on the Order Now page
2. Select your bin bundle
3. Add any additional moving items
4. Review & submit your order

The right move.

Our plastic moving bins are designed to be durable, easy-to-use, and stackable. These eco-friendly bins minimize waste and are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use. We provide affordable bin bundles to help ease your moving experience.

Bye, bye boxes.

Why choose EZPak Bins over traditional cardboard boxes?

Top reasons to say “Bye, Bye” to cardboard boxes!

  • They are expensive! The average family spends close to $500.00 on cardboard boxes, tape, and packing materials at places like Home Depot, Uhaul or Lowes.
  • They are annoying to assemble! It’s an annoying cycle of locating the roll of tape and the scissors. And don’t even get us started on trying to find the invisible place where the tape starts on the roll!!
  • They are cumbersome to move! EZpak Bins are the perfect size and weight. Our design has easy to grip handles on both ends making them a breeze to move once they are packed.
  • They take weeks to get rid of! Ever had a garage full of empty boxes you can’t get rid of? You end up filling your recycling bin, every week, until they are gone. Or you may have stored them, waiting for the chance to pass them onto someone moving. Whatever you have done in the past, wouldn’t it be easier if someone picked them up and got them out of your way?
  • Heavy items might break the bottom of the box! You will never have this problem with EZPak plastic bins! Our bins are made of heavy duty plastic and are made for moving heavy items!
  • They are not hygienic! Cardboard cannot be cleaned; dust and bacteria collects in the grooves. Can be a source of bacterial and fungal growth when wet. Fun Fact: Hospitals are not allowed to keep corrugated boxes in clinical areas as they pose an infection prevention risk!
  • When stored in your garage, they can become hiding places for rodents and insects! Cardboard boxes are highly susceptible to mice and insects.
  • Different sizes make them difficult to stack and transport! EZPak Bins stack and fit perfectly together when stacked, ensuring they do not slide around during transport.
  • They are easy to NEVER unpack them…. Ever! Let’s be honest. Have you ever had a cardboard box from a past move that is still packed in your garage? Don’t feel bad, we have a few, too!